SYNC Commercial offers low operating costs, increased property value and unique branding opportunities for customers.

We will dedicate resources to the consultation and installation of Commercial Solar Panels in Perth, ensuring you receive high-quality work.

Installing solar could be the best business decision you make all year, with our low-maintenance solar panels. We offer a straight-forward process which keeps you in the loop.


Strategic Advantage

Rising electricity prices continue to be a large expense for Australian businesses. It’s time to take control and reap the advantages of solar panels.

A commercial solar power system can reduce electricity bills, while reducing our impact on the environment.
Benefits of solar include:
• Making a clear environmental statement to customers;
• Reducing future risk of increasing electricity bills;
• Lower energy costs; and
• It’s an investment that pays off.

Featured Industries

Full list of industries

Banking and capital markets
Capital projects and infrastructure
Energy and mining
Engineering and construction
Entertainment and media
Financial services
Health industries
Industrial products
Law firm services

SYNC Energy
Strategic Advantage

You wouldn’t make a business decision without knowing all the facts. This is why we provide you with a custom proposal after studying your electricity needs - now and into the future.

We will look at your electricity consumption profile, existing and future electricity tariffs and the suitability of solar power for your Australian business.

Our report will include:
◎   System yield;
◎   Investment return (ROI);
◎   Payback periods; and
◎   Net present value (PNV) analysis.

SYNC Commercial
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