Stop rising electricity bills at home. Switch to solar and earn a few extra dollars by selling unused electricity to others. And it’s better for the environment. It’s a win-win.

For businesses, there’s no better time to look at solar – reducing expenses and showing customers you care for the environment. In a school or workplace setting, it can also encourage students or employees to install solar at their homes. It’s a positive flow-on effect.

Instead of selling your electricity back into the grid, you can opt to keep it with our Hybrid Solar package. It’s an off-the-grid approach which dramatically reduces your energy bills. In fact, some people are able to cut their electricity supplier out of the picture altogether.


To ensure your solar power system is running at maximum capacity, book regular servicing. Safety and efficiency are our highest priorities.




Solar Power Perth

SYNC Energy is an Australian owned and operated business.

We have decades of experience in the solar industry, with extensive industry contacts and suppliers.

We want to save you money, while providing a high-quality service. Our experienced installers know how to make the most of the sun through low-maintenance solar panels.

Our electricians know the ins and outs of installing solar panels. Their industry experience will ensure you receive an honest upfront cost, with no expensive changes during the installation.

We offer a no-obligation consultation and quote. We also have the latest information on solar government rebates.

Residential Solar

SYNC Energy provides high-quality solar power systems across Australia.

We use a first-class, customised design – the highest standard of solar installation.

Some benefits of going solar are:

Reduce bills and get a government rebate.

With solar, you can wave goodbye to your electricity supplier. If you have a Solar Battery, you might never receive a bill again.

For those without a battery, you’ll find your bills have considerably reduced. While your neighbours are frustrated over rising electricity prices, you’ll be enjoying peace of mind.

Don’t forget to check out all the information available on solar rebates.

Call our friendly Sync ENERGY team on 1300 509 130 for the latest information on government solar rebates.


Why going

SYNC Energy’s consultative approach involves taking a holistic look at reducing your electricity and energy spend.


You can dramatically reduce or even eliminate your monthly electric bill

Solar Rebate

Take advantage of solar rebates


Shield yourself from future energy rate increases by municipalities


Solar Panels
for business

Do you want to save money? With our expert team, we can make your dream a reality.

At SYNC Energy, we’re all about saving everyday Australians and businesses money, while working to enhance the environment.

And we always take a professional and consultative approach to reducing your monthly expenses. We look at the big picture; the long game.

We can ensure your solar power system is battery ready for when new technology hits the market.

For a no-obligation consultation at your residence, call
1300 209 130.

"Sync Energy was referred by my friend and was very impressed by their system and installation. They fielded queries very efficiently and were in regular contact. We have the system from a couple of months now and the results are amazing. They are the experts and best to deal with! "

Donna Cruz

"My husband and I finally decided to shift to solar panels and enquired with Sync Energy. We were very impressed by their friendly and honest staff. We had no issues with the installation of solar panels and this really helped in saving electricity bill. Very much recommended! ”

Laura Ross

“Thanks to Sync Energy and their team for the installation! They have outstanding knowledge about the products and individual requirements. The team really works hard and professionally. I found their service A+. Highly recommended!”

Evans Morris

“Sync Energy did all the things in the right manner. They answered my calls quickly. They were on time and also their installer turned up when he said he would. Everything was done on time! Overall great services!”

Nelson Mitchell

"Our company was aiming at reducing operating costs and one of the strategies was to install solar power systems. This strategy would not be successful without the help of Sync Energy! They were extremely helpful and helped us reduce energy bills! Thank you Sync Energy for helping us achieve our aim!"

Martinez Allen, Business Owner

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