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5 Reason Why You Should Go Solar Now

When we experience natural disasters or pandemics or other significant disruptions to our lives, it’s normal to take a step back and evaluate what’s important. It is also a time when many people are looking for opportunities to become more self-sufficient and to protect the things that are most important to us.

In addition to food, shelter, and protecting the health of our family, another important aspect of our lives that we may have previously taken for granted is the electricity powering our home. The current pandemic has awakened many people to the benefits that solar panels and a backup power supply can provide to help make your home more self-sustaining.


If you have been thinking about going solar, there are five compelling reasons to make the decision today.

1. Self-Sufficiency and Reliability

Going solar alleviates some of your reliance on grid electricity, and generating your own energy frees you from depending entirely on energy companies. A home solar panel array combined with high capacity battery backup provides you with a dependable on-site energy source and the ability to store excess energy to use during emergencies, which makes your household more self-sufficient instead of relying entirely on energy from the grid.

2. Little or No Money Down

With the continued availability of our great financing options, you can go solar with no money down or a little deposit. This means you can leave your money in the securities markets until they recover while investing in solar right now. This is an economic benefit of solar energy that is especially relevant during these tumultuous times.

3. Offsetting Higher Usage

According to a 2020 study by the financial institution Fundera, the number of regular telecommuting employees has grown by 115% since 2005. As more and more people shift to working from home during the stay-in-place orders from cities and counties across Australia, electricity usage and utility bills will inevitably increase for many households. Adding solar panels to your home can help offset increased energy costs, letting you save money while you work remotely.

4. Rising Solar Prices and Potentially Limited Supply

Many components of solar panel systems are made in countries whose manufacturing industries have been disrupted for several months due to the COVID-19 virus. These global supply chain disruptions are likely to cause increases in the price of solar panels, inverters, and related equipment due to limited availability. Going solar now protects you from higher prices or panel shortages in the future.

5. Eco-Friendly Energy

Aside from the economic benefits of solar energy, there are other reasons to go solar. Solar panels are an environmentally friendly way to generate energy. You can harness the energy of the sun to power your home or business without contributing to local air pollution. Solar panels have a usable life of 40+ years and can be recycled once they reach the end of their life.

Why Go Solar Now?


Sync Energy is compliant with all health-related requirements and best practices. We offer a new option of virtual consultations so you can go solar without meeting with us in person. Solar panels can also be installed without the crew needing to come inside your house and while maintaining social distancing and health protocols.

We also perform daily health screenings of our personnel. From consultation to installation, Sync Energy can bring solar energy to you or your business while keeping everyone safe. Are you ready to switch to solar? Contact us today for a solar virtual consultation!


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