Solar battery storage
in Australia

About Solar Batteries

As electricity prices continue to rise, property owners are becoming more conscious of the cost of living. Because of this, the uptake of battery storage systems in Australia is expected to grow quickly.

It’s time to look at solar batteries, which store energy. To reduce your impact on the environment and ensure more money is going back into your pocket, energy storage is the way to go. Your solar power system might even be battery-ready, or you’re looking at purchasing a solar package with a battery.

Solar panels are decreasing in price. Many homes and businesses are using solar because it works. It saves money. Over the next decade, more homes are expected to use batteries to store energy. It’s better for your hip pocket, compared to sending the electricity back into the grid.

Solar Battery Benefits

Save Money
Solar batteries are becoming more appealing because the price of them is coming down. Don’t waste your solar panels by getting a measly few cents by giving it to your neighbours – while the electricity company cashes in.
Keep it for yourself. Save money.

Be Independent
Ever wanted to live off the grid? Now’s your chance. Be the change you want to see in the world. The solar batteries means you can use excess energy from your roof another day, when the sun isn’t shining.

Back-up Power
Independence is great. We all want it. We all want to be off the grid. A solar battery means while everyone else is in pitch black because of a power outage, you’re watching television with all the lights on.

In Western Australia, they installed a giant solar battery and guess what? It’s a back-up for when the power goes out too.

etank australia

Solar Battery

Australia is a punishing country, but eTank is up to the task. Searing heat? eTank’s low operating temperature can take it. Wild weather? eTank’s robust casing can cop it. And with its sleek, compact design, eTank looks right at home in any Australian abode.

Take a good, long look at that tall graph bar on your energy bill – it’s about to shrink to a speed bump. With eTank, you’ll be using the sun to make and store your own energy, reducing your reliance on the grid to as low as 3%.

No more unplanned candlelit dinners. No more prematurely defrosted chicken. By storing your unused solar energy for use at a later time, eTank puts you in control, whatever the weather throws at you. Going gridless? It's a powerful feeling.


eTank is designed to be touch safe and completely family friendly. Soon it’ll be part of the furniture (you can even knit it a slip cover).


The eTank can be wall or floor mounted, a dream for installers and even better for picky homeowners.


Take a good, long look at that tall graph bar on your energy bill – it’s about to shrink to a speed bump. With eTank, you’ll be using the sun to make and store your own energy, reducing your reliance on the grid to as low as 3%.

Save your neighbours when power’s lacking

By installing solar, it’s one less home or business that’s using power from the grid. And if the equipment is owned by your electricity provider, you’re saving money in the long run for the retailer – which will hopefully be beneficial for your hip pocket.

Plus, everyone else who uses that retailer will be thanking you too for decreasing their power bills!

No sun? Night time?

While solar PV systems are reliable when the sun is out, what happens when there are clouds?

And what happens at night when the sun’s gone for a few hours and energy use is sky high?

These disruptions to solar means it’s great to have traditional electricity as a back-up. But if you have a battery, it means you can store the power you generated during the day.

You can then use it at night, reducing your uptake of electricity from the grid. Your neighbours will thank you – and they might just buy a solar battery too!

The benefits are truly endless. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Brand New Technology

Having a solar battery means you might be on the forefront of new technologies.

For example, there’s talk around ‘microgrids’, which involve a group of homes or businesses electricity banding together to share the electricity generated from the sun.

When you’re lacking, you borrow some from your neighbour who has plenty in their battery and when they’re lacking, your neighbour can use some of yours.

This can apply to a group of homes, small businesses or big businesses with a number of smaller buildings around it.

Alternatively, if your neighbours don’t have a solar battery – you could sell your electricity to them at a much cheaper rate than what they would get from their electricity retailer.

It’s cheaper for your neighbour and you get a better return.