Sync energy

People investing in solar panels, solar house, and solar roof tiles etc. are qualified for solar power rebates. Many governments are offering such rebates; however, incentives differ from state to state when it comes to commercial solar projects. Small-scale renewable energy schemes were introduced in Australia to encourage homes and businesses to switch to solar water heaters, hydro systems etc.

The Australian government introduced such schemes to contribute to the fight against climate change, and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. One climate solutions is to promote solar power as part of effective living. The Australian government is committed to produce twenty percent of electricity from such renewable sources by the end of year 2020.

Before granting the subsidies, the government will consider several aspects related to the system installation, such as:

  • Weather conditions
  • Geographical location of your house
  • Angle of installation
  • Obstructions etc.

Several factors that can affect your solar installation’s efficiency will be considered before granting you the subsidies. Consult trusted professionals regarding which subsidies you could qualify for before installing.

The National Solar Credits Program offers major rebates. Using solar credits multipliers, you could save thousands. The application of solar credits depends on the capacity and location of installation. Generally, solar credits are applicable to the initial 1.5 kilowatts of total capacity installed. This calculation is applicable for only home solar power rebates. Off-grid solar power rebates are different.

If you are residing in a remote location, and use renewable energy resources, then the solar credits multiplier works differently for you. Solar credits are applicable for the first 20 kilowatts. Financial incentives were increasing for off-grid solar power systems, due to new legislation passed in Australia.

Australian businesses can reduce their electricity bills using solar hot water systems or heat pumps, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and enjoy solar benefits. Businesses installing grid connect solar power systems can gain much benefits under solar credit programs, and claim for tax deduction.

In Australia, you can find series of solar rebate incentive schemes introduced by the government in to make it a profitable industry.