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"Guaranteed $0 Electricity Bill For The Next 10 Years"
ZERO BILL Solar Solutions

Welcome to Sync Energy.  We aim to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the residential solar market, its current state, and the benefits of investing in a guaranteed zero bill solar solution.  It is important to note that not all solar systems are the same, a Sync Energy Zero Bill solution is the only one that offers a guarantee of a ZERO Power Bill.    

Solar Package

$0 Bill 6.6kw 1Phase Solar

Power Bill $100-150/Month

5 Years $0 Bill Program Available 

  • Sync Guaranteed Annual Savings - $0 Bill

  • With an average bill size of $100 - $150 per month.

  • Looking for $0 deposit solar option with $0 power bill guarantee


$0 Bill 10kw 1/3Phase Solar 

Power Bill $200-250/Month

5 Years $0 Bill Program Available 

  • Sync Guaranteed Annual Savings - $0 Bill

  • With an average bill size of $200 - $250 per month.

  • Looking for $0 deposit solar option with $0 power bill guarantee


$0 Bill Solar with Battery

Power Bill $250/Month or Above

10 Years  $0 Bill Program Available 

  • Sync Guaranteed Annual Savings - $0 Bill

  • With an average bill size of $250 and more per month.

  • Looking for $0 deposit solar option with $0 power bill guarantee

Our Story - Video

What began as a family-owned operation, has now grown into a national company, operating across Western Australia, South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. To date, Sync Energy has provided residential and commercial solar systems to thousands of home and business owners, making Sync Energy Solar one of the largest solar companies in Australia.


Go solar with confidence. Our zero bill guarantee has you covered!

For many years now across Australia we have been designing a solution that will take away the uncertainty of rising electricity bills along with the challenges that comes with managing a solar and battery system. By installing a Sync Energy Solar System with our Exclusive Zero Bill Program, you now have the freedom against rising energy costs. We will manage your solar battery system and electricity bills for the next 10 years, eliminating your worry about your system's performance, warranty, quality, and risk.

Benefits of $0 Power Bill Solar and Battery Systems

Despite these challenges, the benefits of residential solar and battery solutions are too great to ignore. There are many compelling reasons to consider investing in a Sync Energy's $0 power bill guaranteed solar and battery system, including:

  • You'll Pay $0 Power Bills - If Your Electricity Price Increases In The Next 10 years.

  • You'll Pay $0 Power Bills - If Your Supply Charges Increase In The Next 10 Years.

  • You'll Pay $0 Power Bills - If Your System Stops Working & You Purchase Power From Grid.

  • You'll Pay $0 Power Bills - If You Used More Power Than What You System Produces & Stores. 

  • You'll Pay $0 Power Bills - If Utility Company Turns Your System Off (Remote Shutdown).

Your Future

Taking control of your power, investing in quality residential solar with a battery system can provide many benefits and help you take control of your energy costs. With the right system and expert installation, you can enjoy the benefits of solar power for many years to come.

If you're interested in investing in a residential solar and battery system, contact us today. Our team of experts will work with you to assess your energy needs, determine the right system for your home, and provide you with a comprehensive detailed plan.

Don't wait - start saving on your energy bills today! Contact Sync Energy Today for a free assessment.

Australian Brand Solar Panel

The solar products we recommend come from the highest quality manufacturers.


Sync Energy is a proud Ausgem Platinum Installer

Proudly Australian

  • Solar Products designed in Australia and manufactured by Tier 1 Suppliers

Transparent Dual Glass

  • Improved efficiency with Bifacial rate reaching 80%

  • Highest possible Fire Protection rating (A Class) going beyond the Australian minimum (C Class)

N-Type Topcon Technology

  • 30 Years Product Warranty & 30 Years Performance Guarantee

  • 50% less degradation compared to the conventional P-Type panels Up to 30% Extra Power Gain

  • Longer operating time

  • 3-5% extra rooftop generation and up to 30% ground mount generation Higher Utilization of Roof Space with Higher Efficiency

  • Up to 24.5% Cell Efficiency & up to 22.52% Panel Efficiency

AusGem Platinum Installer Logo (version1).png

3rd Party Website Review

Video Testimonial " Customer Loves Sync Energy Pain Free Guarantee "

Get a FREE $0 BILL SOLUTION today!


Sync Energy is a Mega Watt Level Solar Retailer - One of the largest solar installation providers in Australia, with more than 25 years industrial experience delivering "peace of mind" solar solutions to every residential and commercial customer to date.


Clean Energy Council
Accredited Products

$0 Bill

25+ Years
Technical Experience

We Take All
The Financial Risk


We make solar simple

We are one of the largest and most experienced national solar companies. What also sets us apart is that we have extensive technical contracts and many suppliers.

We at Sync Energy believe the installation of your solar system should be an easy process. Sync Energy operates a hassle free system that enables our customers to understand how solar will benefit them financially while going green.

Our system is designed to keep our process transparent and keep every single customer well informed at each stage of their solar project. We are here to provide not just the best solar solution but also the best customer experience.



Free Consultation &
Power Bill Auditing

Solar Solutions & Zero Bill Plan Selection

Installation of Solar & $0 Bill Software & Commissioning

Risks on Sync Energy &
You Stop Paying Power Bill



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