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Swap Your Power Bills with a
German Made Solar Battery

2022 Solar & Battery Game Changer
Australian Brand Solar Panel
& German Made Battery

Are you currently spending more than $250+/month on electricity and looking to being more self-sufficient?

Option A:  6.6kW Solar Panel Only (without Battery), around 5 years payback and saves around $1,000 -$1,200 a year for next 20+ years.

Option B: 11.62kW Solar
 Panel + German Made Battery, around 6 years payback and saves around $2,400 - $3,000 a year for next 20+ years.

None of them requires big upfront cost. The choice is yours


Pay as you save from $43 a week

*Estimated Annual Savings $3,000 a year 

Sync Energy Recommended Multi-Award Winning Battery Technology


SENEC Customer Testimonial " A Battery Solution finally Works "


Rosalie Beveridge

"Our power bill went from $510 to $70...WOW!

We live in a large 5x3 with a pool. Our bill went from $510 to just $70 within the first billing cycle of installing our SENEC solar battery...."


John Edmondson

"If you wanna solar panels, you need to get a SENEC"

We only had our SENEC battery installed in Sep 2019,  Our power self-sufficiency has increased a LOT." 


German Made SENEC Battery & Australian Dual Glass N-Type AusGem Solar Panels is the ANSWER

More consumers are realising by taking control of their day and night power use to offset increasing electricity prices would add more value to them. By understanding how the Gov solar rebate (STC) work, this is the time to look into solar & batteries to take advantage of this rebate. Consumer could get additional 5-6kW of solar panels almost for free after the rebate (we called it oversizing). By not taking advantage of this incentive, would leave their solar system half complete, increasing the cost and technically limiting batteries for the future. 

With our top quality Australian brand solar panel & German made battery solution, your financial return could be better than a standard solar panel only system. Speak to SYNC energy battery specialist today and find out on how this solution will benefit your family.


Electricity Price Soaring

Due to the energy crisis and inflation, electricity is set to increase in the future. Australian households could potentially end up paying double their bills in the near future.


Electric Vehicle are here

With limitation on petrol vehicles, EVs are now the future What is spent on petrol cost could be switched to an electric vehicle, Most households are looking at an increase electricity consumption with a EV. 


Maximise Gov Rebate

You could get up to an additional $3,000 STC rebate on your German SENEC solar and battery system compare to a conventional 6.6kW solar only system.  


Battery Life Doubled

With your German Made SENEC Battery comes an extended warranty of up to 20 years, and unlimited solar charging cycles, This increases your ROI, making your solar and battery investment financially rewarding.


What began as a family-owned operation, has now grown into a national company, operating across Western Australia, South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. To date, Sync Energy has provided residential and commercial solar systems to thousands of home and business owners, making Sync Energy Solar one of the largest solar companies in Australia.


The products we recommend comes from the highest quality solar panel and battery manufacturers.

Our Offer Overview:

  • Australian Brand AusGem Solar Panel Up to 26pcs 415watt (11.62kW)

    • Transparent Dual Glass (Bifacial Rate 80% - Under side) ​

    • N-Type Topcon Technology (Up to 50% Low Degradation VS.  traditional P-Type Solar Panel)

    • Pure Black Solar Cells & Black Framed (aesthetically appealing)

    • 30 Years Product & 30 Years Performance Warranty

  • German Made SENEC battery V3 10

    • 20 Years Extended Warranty 12,000 DOD

    • 9kwh Useable Battery Capacity (+5Kwh Virtual Storage with Diamond Energy @ $125 one off initialising fee) SENEC.Cloud T&C Apply

  • SYNC ENERGY 20 years installation warranty​ 

  • UP to 10 Years Money Back Savings Guarantee

  • CEC Accredited Installer. Standard Installation within Metro

  • 24/7 Live monitoring system 

  • Estimated Annual Savings $3,000 a year (average)

    • DOD 1.5 Times a day​ 

    • Please contact SYNC for your financial estimation

WA battery - SENEC - NEW - upfront.jpg
AusGem Platinum Installer Logo (version1).png

SYNC ENERGY is a AusGem Platinum Installer TopNotch Solar Product
Proudly Australian Brand

  • Solar Products designed in Australia and manufactured by Tier 1 Suppliers

Transparent Dual Glass

  • Improved efficiency with Bifacial rate reaching 80%

  • Highest possible Fire Protection rating (A Class) going beyond the Australian minimum (C Class)

N-Type Topcon Technology

  • 30 Years Product Warranty & 30 Years Performance Guarantee

  • 50% less degradation compared to the conventional P-Type panels Up to 30% Extra Power Gain 

  • 3-5% extra rooftop generation and up to 30% ground mount generation Higher Utilization of Roof Space with Higher Efficiency

  • Up to 24.5% Cell Efficiency & up to 21.69% Panel Efficiency



Generate your own electricity and use it whenever you want. By simply adding a SENEC Solar Battery Storage System to your solar panels you can become up to 90% Power Self-Sufficient. Whether you already have an existing PV System or are yet to install one, a  SENEC Solar Battery can enable you to use solar power 24 hours a day. SENEC is compatible with all systems, regardless of the manufacturer. A new solar system is best optimised with a power storage, or if you already have solar then it’s easy to retrofit.


SENEC’s multi-award-winning technology is capable of cycling the battery twice a day, supporting you through your morning and evening peaks, when energy usage is high and not supported by solar. Not only will your electricity bills reduce drastically, but you also ensure a self-sufficient power supply in your home, which protects you power outages and constantly rising electricity prices.



Genuine and Independent Customer Review
Product Review Award-Winning Renewable Company

Video Testimonial " Customer Loves Sync Energy Pain Free Guarantee "

Find out how much you could save with our solar and battery solution today!


Sync Energy is a Mega Watt Level Solar Retailer - One of the largest solar installation providers in Australia, with more than 25 years industrial experience delivering "peace of mind" solar solutions to every residential and commercial customer to date.

Clean Energy Council
Accredited Products

Savings Guarantee

25+ Years
Combined Experience

24 Hours After-Sales
Response time


We make solar simple

We have over 25 years of combined experience in the solar industry, with extensive contacts and suppliers.

We believe the installation of solar systems should be an easy process. Sync Energy operates a hassle free system that enables our customers to understand how solar will benefit them financially while going green.

Our system is designed to keep our process transparent and keep every single customer well informed at each stage of their solar project. We are here to provide not just the best solar solution but also the best customer experience.

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